How to save money when you move home

Avoid splashing the cash with our Home Move Box money-saving tips…

For most, moving home is a major event, when normal life takes a back-seat and all attention is focussed on the big move. From the moment contracts are signed, life becomes a roller-coaster of twists and turns as move-dates are negotiated, belongings are packed and the final logistics are put in place.

Amidst the chaos of the move, keeping track of your finances and staying within budget can be a challenge. In fact, our recent Home Move Box survey revealed that almost a third of movers worry about saving money on services, utilities and new products for the home during the moving process. Over a quarter of movers also told us that it would have helped to have had a 0% APR credit card when moving, to help manage the costs.

So what can you do to help reduce some of these costs? If you’re moving soon, then try following some of these top money-saving tips:

  • Have a clear-out before you move and sell any old or unwanted pieces of furniture on an online auction site, such as eBay or Preloved. Use this money to help pay for your moving costs
  • Ask friends or family to help you pack. This will be cheaper, and probably more fun, than asking a removal company to do it for you. Just make sure you thank them with plenty of pizza and wine afterwards!
  • If you’re using a removal company then make sure you negotiate on cost. Source at least three quotes and don’t be afraid to play them off against each other until you reach the lowest possible quote
  • If you can, move on a week day when removal firms’ fees are sometimes lower. If you move at the weekend or over a Bank Holiday then you may end up paying a premium
  • Ask your estate or letting agent to order a Home Move Box on your behalf. Delivered to you as you move into your new home, and packed full of essential household items, it will provide some basic items to help you get set up in your new home
  • Shop around for the best utility deals. Some companies do specific deals for home movers, so make sure you look out for these
  • Many retailers also offer special discounts for home movers. If you receive a free Home Move Box then you’ll receive a number of offers and discounts on home furnishings and other household products. Make sure you keep these in a safe place and use them in the weeks following the move

To receive a free Home Move Box simply request one from your estate or letting agent, who can then order one on your behalf. For more information go to


Dulux Drives Uptake of New Delivery Service with Home Move Box

Dulux has enlisted the help of direct marketing initiative Home Move Box to drive awareness and uptake of their new paint delivery service amongst home movers, Home Move Box announces today.

Dulux customers can now order paint for delivery direct to their door at, and a leaflet advertising this new service will be included in every Home Move Box. Home movers will be offered a number of selected offers to drive online purchase, such as a free decorating set worth over £27 with orders or free delivery on orders over £50. Each voucher has a unique voucher code meaning that redemption rates can be fully tracked.

The Home Move Box, a free box of household essentials and offers for home movers, is the most accurate way to target up to 20,000 movers a month, and a proven tool for new customer acquisition.

Faye Thomas, Dulux Customer Business Manager, says: “We’re excited that our new home delivery service is up and running, and targeting home movers is a key part of our strategy. One of the first things people do when they move in is to refresh the interior of their new home, and by delivering paint directly to their door we can make it as easy and stress-free as possible for them. The Home Move Box offers us a fast and effective way to reach this very key audience, and we look forward to seeing the results of our campaign.”

Jonathan Burden, Home Move Box CEO, says: “Introducing home movers to the right products at the right time is what we’re about, which makes Dulux a great brand to have on- board. Having paint delivered directly to your door when you’re caught up in the stress of settling into a new home is ideal, and we expect this new service to be very well received by recipients of the Home Move Box.”

Reducing the stress of move day

Moving home can be a very stressful time, when home movers can feel under a lot of pressure to get everything ready in time for the big day.  In fact, a survey conducted by Home Move Box in partnership with NHS Choices found that thousands of stressed-out home movers could even be putting their health and wellbeing at risk, with almost half turning to alcohol and comfort-eating to ease stress.

The research also showed that nine out of ten people feel stressed when moving home, with over half of them feeling most stressed in the weeks leading up to the move, and one in five feeling the pressure on the day of the move itself.

So what can agents and home movers do to help reduce rising blood pressure levels as move day approaches?  Well, this is where we come in.  The Home Move Box is a free box of household essential products that is delivered to home movers as they move into their new home.  It contains everything needed to get up and running – including tea, coffee, milk, toilet roll and a range of cleaning products.  Having these products close-to-hand, and in one place, gives home movers one less thing to worry about on move day and can be a great help in keeping stress levels down.  A number of offers from utility, DIY and home interior companies are also inside the Home Move Box, and these have been specially selected to help get movers settled quickly in to their new home and save money!

Anyone moving home in England, Scotland and Wales, either buying or renting, can receive a free Home Move Box by requesting one from their estate or letting agent.  Agents can register online and begin ordering boxes on behalf of their clients by visiting

Frazzled home movers should also try following these top tips to make sure they are fully prepared for move day:

  • Make a list of all the important phone numbers you may need, including your estate agent, solicitor and removal company, to ensure you’re not scrabbling around for contact details at the last minute
  • Make sure you have some cash to hand for last minute emergencies
  • Collect together all of your important documents and belongings, including your deeds, contract and keys, and put them together in one bag or folder
  • Arrange for your utilities to be switched off at your current house when you move out – ensuring that the meters have been read
  • If you have young children or pets, see if you can arrange for someone to look after them during the move to help keep them out from under your feet
  • Hopefully by receiving a Home Move Box and following these tips, movers will feel a little less stressed by the end of moving day – just in time to enjoy a well-earned glass of celebratory bubbly!

For more information about Home Move Box visit

Tips for Moving House

We understand that house packing can be tiring, time-consuming and not always an enjoyable task. However, practical tips and advice can save your sanity as well as your most fragile possessions.

Handy Tip: the more you get rid of, the less you have to pack and unpack! So treat this as the perfect opportunity to have a good clear-out.

The key to moving with ease is organisation and notification by informing the correct people of your move. Also ensure your home insurance is covered from the day you move in to your new home.

Packing Tips Checklist:

• Make a priority list
• Start packing early
• Calculate how many boxes you’ll need and ensure they are sturdy
• Pack room by room starting from the loft and label
• Don’t completely fill large boxes, as they will be too heavy to move.
• Think ahead, pack an ‘essentials’ box for the first night in your new home and carry it with you i.e. cups and a kettle.
• Prepare an overnight bag
• Other useful items that should be kept close to hand are a torch, a first-aid kit including pain relievers, pencil and paper, along with a small tool kit.
Who to notify you’re moving:

• Services / Utilities: Water, Gas, Electric, Telephone, Post Office, Cable / Satellite / Internet, TV Licensing
• Health: Doctor, Dentist, Optician
• Motoring: DVLA, Breakdown Recovery, Vehicle Registration, Vehicle Insurance
• Financial: Bank, Building Societies, Credit Card Companies, Council Tax, National savings and premium bonds, Employer, Insurance companies, Pension Company, Inland Revenue, Social Security, Solicitor
• Others… Friends / Family, Subscription, Milk/Paper Delivery, Sports Club, Library, Schools / College

Utilities Information:

• Remember to take meter readings for electricity, gas and water – while you are checking these it is also worth making sure the heating, phone and intruder alarms work at your new home.
• Utilities:
• You can take your old provider with you if you are happy with your current energy supplier. You can simply transfer your account from your old home to your new home. Check an old bill for more information.
• Or, alternatively you can use this as an opportunity to change suppliers and reduce your bills.
• If you are unsure whether to stay with your current supplier or change, it is recommended to stay with your existing supplier until you know the energy usage in your new property.
• Remember… Changing energy suppliers is easy, and moving home is the ideal opportunity to make the switch.

Making your new home to suit your tastes and fixing minor damages is undoubtedly a stressful and expensive process. Remember… The first and foremost way to make it your own is to Do It Yourself. To avoid a home improvement nightmare follow our essential guide to DIY preparation.

Once you’ve chosen the paint and the wall paper your existing sofa may now look a little shabby, wrong shape or colour. Look at our furniture tips and don’t forget to order your sofa today. Order it early and your sofa will arrive in time of your newly decorated room.

DIY Tips:

• Plan – Think the job through, make difficult decisions and colour-scheming
• Budget – Decisions will often depend on the size of your budget
• Start a file – Collect paint colour charts, wallpaper and even fabric samples to help you decide
• Plan your time – Time is the free ingredient of any project
• Get Organised – Create a to-do list and list of importance

New Furniture Tips

Questions to consider:

• Which style will suit the room?
• What size of sofa will fit?
• What can I afford?
• Who is using it and what is it made of?
• Does it come with a guarantee?

Remember… Try before you buy!
Most furniture is handmade to your specific requirements – remember delivery lead times will vary.
Most retailers can provide a delivery date once you know your exact order and your post code.

No need to PANIC… If you are working to a tight deadline, some retailers have an extensive range of “Express Delivery” upholstery with the same high quality, just with a shorter lead time.

Top Tips for Energy Saving
1. Change a bulb
By changing all the light bulbs in your house you could see big savings. Switch your regular light bulbs for energy saving bulbs as these last longer and use less energy.
2. Insulation
By fitting inexpensive draught excluders and/or buying a jacket for your hot water tank can make a big difference. Although cavity wall insulation and loft insulation, maybe expensive (but worth the investment) these would help too.
3. Use what you need and turn off what you don’t
For example when boiling a kettle avoiding filling it to the top, only boil enough water for your needs i.e. enough water to make yourself a cup of tea.
When charging your mobile phone or laptop ensure you switch off the charger and unplug the power supply when the battery is full. Leaving the power supply plugged in can continue to bleed your electricity.
The list can be endless for example when you don’t need to use your towel rail, turn it off. This is all common sense and with a bit of discipline you will notice the difference and save energy.
4. Washing
Wash your clothes and save money by cleaning them at a lower temperature e.g. 30 degrees. Also try to avoid washing half loads efficiently use your washing machine and wash full loads only.
These same golden rules apply when using your dishwasher!
5. Check your thermostat
Wear more layers or a cozy jumper and turn down your central heating by 1°c. Reducing the heat in your home can reduce your heating bills by up to 10%. As well as setting your hot water thermostat to 60°c/140°f.
6. Avoid leaving your appliances on Standby
Many appliances when on standby, use only slightly less power than when they in full use.
10% off a typical household bill goes on paying for lighting, leave the room turn off the lights!
7. Energy Efficient Appliances
Look out for products with the “Energy Saving Trust Recommended” label, as these will be products that are tested and reviewed as the most efficient in the market. You may pay more but you will also get more and save pennies on your energy use!
10. Defrost
Ensure the cold air doesn’t escape from your freezer by making sure your door seal is performing correctly. By defrosting your freezer and making sure the ice doesn’t build up by no more than ¼ thickness this can increase its energy efficiency.

Comic Relief at Home Move Box

We organised a Bake Sale which took place Friday 15th March between 12.30-2pm in Gloucester House “Chill Out” Room.  We invited everyone who works in the building to come and make a donation, big or small, towards Comic Relief in exchange for a yummy treat!

As well as the bake sale, everyone at Home Move Box dressed in red, told jokes and did some dares…as well as an ‘Egg and Spoon Relay Race’ where we had to jump over, spin in a chair and crawl under a box without dropping the egg (a cream egg of course ;-))!  I’m disappointed, but happy to add the boys’ team won!!

With our donations for dressing in red etc. and our bake sale, we raised a massive £110 for Comic Relief 🙂 !!

-Kirsty from Home Move Box

How does the Home Move Box Work

We often get asked, how we make money, how can it be free? Are there any catches?

It’s a simple idea that the owners, Jon and Charles, came up with. Jon being in the data industry and Charles being in the estate agency business.

The free home move box is a box full of essential items that is delivered on move day to your new home.

The estate agents sign up with us to give out the free boxes, it’s at no cost to them, all they have to do is give us your details of where you would like the box delivered to and your move in day. The estate agents have their own branded logo on the box so the mover knows it’s from them, then a branded box is delivered on that specified day.

The home mover will receive the box full of goodies at a time that is perfect for retailers to tap into new buying habits. Did you know when we move we are 60% more likely to change brands when we go shopping, especially if it’s at a new supermarket!

To fund the box and all logistical and packing costs associated, the brands that want home movers to try their products, pay to be a part of the box. A bit like a magazine space, except a 3d box crammed full of great products that people will want to use and try out.

The brands in the box are allowed (with careful monitoring) to contact the home mover regarding the products or offers in the box, usually by email to offer even more value! We’ve seen some amazing offers in the box that you just wouldn’t get without the box. The home mover can unsubscribe at any point.

So there you have it, a box full of free items and coupons on the most relevant day you could need them.

Some of the items that have featured past and present:

Clipper organic tea bags x 40
Candia UHT Milk
Next Directory
Anglian Mug
Brewers Paint Brush
Pizza Express Vouchers
Vimto drink
Kitchen Towel
Lavazza Coffee
Andrex Toilet rolls
Buzibee Scourers
Flash Cleaner

…plus many more – to get your hands on a box if you’re moving, visit our website to register as a home mover: